We learn the rope of life by untying its knots.

Born and raised in a military family, I grew up valuing freedom as one of the most cherished possessions. Living in an independent country as free citizens, my parents’ modest income led them to predominantly worry about making their ends meet. Saving enough for lucrative investments was also a challenge because inflation would always beat increments. Every time I saw them suppressing their desires, I would question if we really were free?

I found a clue to untie this knot while at Coca Cola.

When I started my career in sales, I learnt that MNCs give numerous discounts to retailers increasing the retailer’s profit margins on their products whereas the consumers always paid a standard price. An FMCG company or a retailer often use these inflated profit margins to drive off-season sales or to acquire competition’s customers. Putting together these insights on retailer’s inflated profit margins, the discount ability of products and mapping these onto risk on investments, I came up with Nurture.

Surprisingly, 99% of Pakistan's population has never invested in stock market. I founded Nurture to be an avenue of economic growth for this 99% and empower them to live their life on their terms. 

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“A woman’s edge is her ability to nourish and nurture.” Little did I know back then that this traditional advice of my mother will become the foundation of my leadership philosophy and fuel my ambition to help people outgrow their financial limitations.

So, I invite you to join Nurture and

begin your journey towards financial freedom.