How many times have we missed out on a discount on our purchase by a few days margin? Often times, when a sale is going on we find our selves over spending and buying items we don't really need, in hopes of getting them at discount. Essentially, these discounts, promotions and black fridays never really help save money rather, encourage unnecessary spending.

But what if there was a way to use these discounts not only to actually save money but make more money as well?

Well, Nurture helps you do just that by letting you 'invest' your money prior to spending it.

Investing can have two outcomes.

1. Profits

2. Losses

If your investment is at profit, that's more money made. But, if it is at a loss, we provide you with a  compensating discount on your purchase. You can not only recover your loss but also get your favorite product at a discount without waiting for crazy public sales!

So, invest your money in the stock market, make more money before any purchase or get your favorite product at a discount when you shop!

Surprisingly, 99% of Pakistan's population has never invested in stock market. Nurture is an avenue of economic growth for this 99% to empower them to live their life in a financially free way. 

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So, I invite you to join Nurture and

begin your journey towards financial freedom.