1. When are you launching?

We are really early in our product development and its a while till we officially launch. That is why its important to join our invitation list as we will initially be sending download invites only to our registered user base. Thank you for the patience.

2. Will Nurture charge any fees?

Nurture is a subscription based service. Users will pay a nominal monthly or one time annual fee to use Nurture's services.

3. It is not possible to eliminate risk from investments. How is Nurture doing that?

Nurture does not eliminate the risk on investments, it transforms it. If you invest only, you are taking a risk on losing cash. Nurture takes this risk one step forward to where you will spend that money. Remember that it is only through our partner network that you can avail discounts to cover your losses. So, the risk you take by investing through Nurture is that the restaurant offering you discounts to cover your loss may not be your first choice to dine out. Or you wanted the red shirt but discount is on the blue one. Nurture helps you better manage your cash assets by helping you invest , mindfully spend and take risks where it would not hurt. 

4. Will I get 100% loss recovery on my investments?

It depends on the product/service you purchase and the merchant you are buying from. While partnering with merchants, Nurture asks them how much discounts are they willing to offer to our users without compromising their profitability. So, a merchant will let Nurture know that he is willing to discount the blue shirt by $15, the red shirt by $10 and the green can be discounted by $30. Now depending on the loss you have incurred, you will see all options and can choose what works best for you. If your investment of $100 is down to $70 and you buy the red shirt, your maximum discount will be $10.You can buy a blue shirt plus a red shirt to cover $25 or buy the green shirt to cover entire $30 of your loss.

5. What are the compliance and regulation standards Nurture is abiding by?

Nurture will acquire Investment Advisory license from SEC (US). Prior to the official launch, Nurture will strictly ensure that all local, federal and international compliance standards are abided by. Keep watching this space because all updates will be first shared on the website for public information.

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