Nurture your Income.

Invest Safely.

Uptil now, investments were not safe.

In order to grow, they required setting aside large sums of money for extended periods of time.

Even then, investments could suffer heavy losses and most people could not afford losing their savings.


Introducing Safe Micro-Investing 


Nurture curates high return & safe investment opportunities for you by supplementing your losses with pre negotiated discounts on your future purchases.

Suffered a PKR 500 loss on your investment?

Get up to PKR 500 discount on your next dine out bill from our partner restaurant.


This leaves investing with two safe outcomes:

1. Profits

2. Discounts

What is Nurture?

Nurture is a micro-investment based pricing platform (read: app); You can begin investing in stock market with small amounts, recover any losses on your investments through discounts on everyday products & services & use your investments directly to pay for an expense without having to withdraw your funds.

Why should I care?

Not participating in the stock market is costing an average Pakistani 3%* in lost earnings per year.

Nurture enables you to increase your wealth, easily and safely. Through Nurture, you can efficiently manage your money and maximize its value both in short & long term.

* based on historic stock market returns of 20% and assets invested = 14% of household income

Stocks on a Screen


Easily | Safely

small amounts in pre-created stock portfolios through your mobile phone



Your Losses

by saving more on purchases when investments are at loss

Happy Shopper


Through Investments

instead of cash whenever needed, right away

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